Tyre Collection

Tyre Collection

If you’ve got waste tyres to dispose of, our collection service provides a reliable, efficient and affordable solution, together with a guarantee that the tyres will be dealt with responsibly. As well as car/van/truck tyres, we specialise in Heavy Duty/Agricultural (including Bus) with no tyre being too big.

Tyres are collected in our fleet of branded vehicles. All our collections are accompanied by a Waste Transfer Note, issued by the driver so you can comply with your SEPA Duty of Care requirements.

Tyre Shredding

Complying with current legislation and minimises the impact on the environment, all our waste tyres are shredded.

Tyre Products

End of Life tyres shred to 50mm rubber granules. Find out about our rough tyre shred and tyre wire products for sale.

Tyre Site Clearance

We offer a competitive and efficient waste tyre site clearance service. No obligation site visit to ascertain size of job.

Responsible Recycler

Since 2006 it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at landfill sites. A1 Recycling and Waste Management Ltd are proud to say that 100% of our waste tyres are responsibly recycled, leading to a cleaner environment.

Being composed of a mix of steel, rubber, textiles, oils and other trace chemicals, tyres are notoriously difficult to recycle. Some tyres contain oil and other contaminants from heavy road use which must also be disposed of. Our tyres are granulated to ensure that the various materials within the individual tyre can be retrieved.

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