Rough Tyre Shred

The tyres are shred to 50mm particles which can then be utilised in many ways including:

  • Rubberized concrete for roads – roads with rubber crack 90% less than roads made with normal concrete. Typically lasting 60 – 90 years
  • Alternative fuel to coal and oil – cement companies can burn rubber as part of the cement-making process or for boiler fuels. Much cleaner burning than oil and coal
  • Projects within the civil engineering and construction industry
  • Shoes, bags, belts, furniture, flooring
  • Asphalt laying – roads, playgrounds, athletic fields and tracks

All our Rough Tyre Shred is stored in ton bags ready for transportation.


Tyre Wire

Reclaimed tyre wire is of a very high quality and conforms to recognised industry standards. The tyre wire is stored in ton bags ready for transportation.

Tyre Shredding

Complying with current legislation and minimises the impact on the environment, all our waste tyres are shredded.

Tyre Collection

Our tyre collection service provides a reliable, efficient and affordable solution accompanied by a Waste Transfer Note.

Tyre Site Clearance

We offer a competitive and efficient waste tyre site clearance service. No obligation site visit to ascertain size of job.

Responsible Recycler

Since 2006 it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at landfill sites. A1 Recycling and Waste Management Ltd are proud to say that 100% of our waste tyres are responsibly recycled, leading to a cleaner environment.

Being composed of a mix of steel, rubber, textiles, oils and other trace chemicals, tyres are notoriously difficult to recycle. Some tyres contain oil and other contaminants from heavy road use which must also be disposed of. Our tyres are granulated to ensure that the various materials within the individual tyre can be retrieved.

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